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LKC 08: Of adventure and friendship

Bushra's write up is the second we are publishing from the Lazy Korfa/PAGE Bookstore contest entries we received. Read the first one from Ernestine.

We love Bushra's excitment at being posted somewhere that meant she could possibly learn the Yoruba language, which she loves. We love that she was so keen on the opportunity to experience another region of the country, different to where she was born and raised. Such an amazing attitude to have!

Thank you for sharing your story of adventure and of friendship with us, Bushra!

Enjoy & Share!

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My NYSC (camp) experience at Ise-Orun- Emure Ekiti was a beautiful, as well as an adventurous one.

I was excited when I saw that I have been posted to the Western part of the country. The excitement was largely due to the fact that I wanted to experience other parts of the country, because I was born and raised in the Northern part of the country and partly because I love the Yoruba language and hoped to be able to speak the language someday, so being posted to Ekiti was a big deal for me.