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The Nigerian National Youth Service Corps scheme is such a unique experience that has been shared by hundreds of thousands of  young Nigerians over the years. Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa' has enabled me to document a small part of that through my own unique experience of camp.


Although not everyone would have kept a journal like I did, I have no doubt that reading 'Lazy Korfa' would have reminded you of some of your own camp experiences too or indeed brought back memories of your service year!

Well, here is your chance to share that with the rest of the world - from your first day's bewilderment to your last day's nostalgia...use the Memories form to tell us about it. We'll review the stories and share our favourites on the blog.


Please be mindful of your language, be kind and just so you know we may have to edit the stories where necessary so they work! Don't want us to add your name to the post for whatever reason? No problem. Just let us know!


Can't wait to read it all so get sharing!

Read all the submissions we've received so far. A huge thank you to all our contributors!


Thanks for sharing your memories!!

Memoirs of Lazy Korfa Book Front Cover
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