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In the future...

It was such a pleasure to read Ernestine's entry. We loved that although she is yet to do NYSC and therefore has no experience of it to share, she got creative anyway and shared it with us! Here at Lazy Korfa HQ, we love it when people take a chance and just go for it! Thank you for sharing with us, Ernestine!

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I have not finished university yet so no NYSC experience to share. However, in the future... It is very stressful and honestly tiring but with my friends to support me, I feel a bit better. The fine boy with abs in my platoon won’t stop staring at me which makes me blush a lot. The activities are mentally and physically draining. Can you imagine that after all these things, you only get paid thirty thousand naira? Or, even less depending on your location. To do what with? Buy sweets? Nevertheless, I am thankful for the future experience because it has helped me see things from a different perspective.

© Ernestine Okafor July 2020 @tha.tbookishgirl on Instagram

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