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The Audio Experience

About the Project

We have enjoyed putting together this audio experience for you and loved the reception it has received on our social media. It definitely adds that extra icing on the cake and the Lazy Korfa journey really springs into life with the sounds of the roller coaster experience that Tunmise had during NYSC camp all those years ago.

We will be working to bring you the Audio Experience in 2 stages. First, a collection of teasers for the entire book that we are calling 24 days in 24 minutes and then the complete audio experience that covers the entire book.


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In the meantime, listen to the 4 audio experience teasers we released all in one place and tell us what you think using the comments box below.

Day 1  - 7th September, 2004

I still remember how I felt so sick to my stomach for days and days leading up to heading to the airport for my flight to Kano on day one.

I don't remember when we found out our NYSC call-up letters would soon be ready for pick up. But I remember the pure sense of dread that I felt at the very thought of it. Being from Lagos State, chances were high I would be flung to the farthest part of the country!

The day came, I picked up my letter and tore into it both quickly and carefully. Ungogo, Kano. KANO. Hadn't there been rioting and killings in Kano very recently? Absolutely NO WAY was I going to KANO!!

I called my Aunty in tears. I didn't want to go to Kano. We made a plan. I would go for the 3 weeks of camp so I didn't end up missing out on that batch. I just needed to brace myself to get through 21 days SAFELY and by the end of it, my Aunty was going to have done some sort of magic and I would be re-posted to a nicer, more palatable place.


I spent 12 months in Kano.

Voice talent/narration Temi Ami-Williams. Producer Yinka.

Day 8 - 14th September, 2004

Oh my goodness....that sound of the bugle. Ugh! The 'Lazy Korfa' song. That picture in the #NYSC crested vest and of course Chizzy & Ebere.

I have so many AMAZING memories of camp. Join me on my adventures - buy the book.

Do you like what you've heard so far of the Lazy Korfa Audio experience?

Day 19  - 25th September, 2004

So glad I got to experience the #NYSC 'Endurance Trek'. It was such a highlight for me - just learning that all-important lesson of pushing through the pain! I was absolutely worn out afterwards though [see this Instagram post for the picture I took with Yinka, my #NYSCcamp friend and the endurance trek partner I wrote about in the book!].

Also, is it too much to expect that people at least take enough of an interest in the state they are posted to for #NYSC to at least know the Governor's name? No? Just me then. LOL!

Read more about my NYSC camp adventures - buy the book.

Day 22 - 28th September, 2004

In the last of our Lazy Korfa Audio Experience teasers, it's our final day at camp and a couple of significant events happened on this day for me - one of them being meeting my dear friends, B & N, who played such pivotal roles in making my service year what it was. These girls hold such a special place in my heart and I LOVE catching up with them even all these years later!

Although I have a few things to grumble about when it comes to the 'work' aspect of my service year (which I will get to at some point!), staff at the hospital I worked at were so lovely and welcoming - made such a difference!


Not sure how many of you know this but the #LazyKorfa project is "my baby" i.e. Tunmise's baby - it has been a personal aspiration of mine to be a published author and this has been a 'community' project in a lot of ways, made possible by pure Grace from above and the support of my family and friends.

Huge thanks to Temi Ami-Williams for her amazing voice talent and to Yinka for the brilliant production work. Love working with you both and look forward to getting stuck into the rest of the #LazyKorfa Audio project!

And of course thanks to you reading this, yes YOU, thank you for your continued support. I do not take any of it for granted!

There's more to come so to get the first listen of the complete #LazyKorfa Audio Experience and your chance to get your own copy, join our mailing list and be the first to know! Link in bio for that and to buy the book!

So what did you think of the Lazy Korfa Audio Experience? Which day was your favourite one? Are you looking forward to more? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

Don't forget you can buy your copy of the book too!


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