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About The Author

I am Dr. Tunmise Usikalu, a Dentist by training with a doctorate degree in Dental Public Health from King's College London. Interestingly, my time in Kano was what really got me interested in Public Health. Therefore, after the fantastic year I had serving in Kano, I had the opportunity to pursue postgraduate training in Dental Public Health.


A few years ago, I received a scholarship to study Dental Public Health and was subsequently awarded a doctorate for my research into ways of increasing public awareness of mouth cancer. A piece of work that has now been incorporated into the curriculum for teaching dental students at a world leading university and informs training for Dentists already in practice.

I have worked in Research and Teaching in two of the leading Universities in that field in the UK. I am no longer in academic practice but still work in research supporting some pretty important work while maintaining my links with academia.


I am married to Olumuyiwa, my amazing husband, and we have two beautiful daughters. I am passionate about the art forms and I love writing, dancing, acting and musical theater. I also love to cook and bake with my daughter!

Early in September of 2004, I proceeded to Kano State in Northern Nigeria to start my three-week stint at the National Youth Service Orientation camp in Ungogo. National Youth Service is a compulsory programme for Nigerian graduates that has been in place since 1973 to help foster national unity.


Each graduate is ‘posted’ to a state other than their state of origin for a year. They are expected to contribute to development in the area in one way or another, usually by teaching in local schools, working in Government Hospitals and Parastatals etc. in return for a salary paid them by the Federal Government. 


All members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are required to spend three weeks in an orientation camp at the beginning of their service year. This book started out as a journal I kept during my three weeks in  the NYSC orientation camp. 

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