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LKC 15: Redefining purpose - Dami Busari's NYSC experience (Part 4)

And here it is, the concluding part of Dami's inspiring story of redefining purpose, realigning with what really matters and finding fulfilment during her NYSC year. We hope you have been incredibly inspired as we have at Lazy Korfa HQ!

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Dami's NYSC experience (The Final Part)

I can never forget the Principal. She was someone that loved the students and wanted the best for them. When God began to show me that there was a mission and there was work to be done in that school, I began to pray. I buckled up and became more serious about my approach to the work I had to do in the time I had to do it.

So I approached the Principal and shared with her my vision. I told her of how in the past I had mentored teens before I went into my broadcasting career and that now that I am in a school environment I would like to take it up again and have time to talk to the girls.

She gave me a weekly slot on the assembly once a week to speak to the girls about whatever topic I wanted to. So, every week I had a chance to talk to the girls and it was really one of the most beautiful times of my life. I spoke to them about different things. They were greatly inspired by me (I was 24 going on 25 at the time), my academic achievements, the fact that I had started building a career for myself. However, asides being inspired by me, I wanted them to see God, know God and encounter God. So I would ask God "What do I speak to them about this week?"

It really was the most beautiful time of my life. The girls would come to me after assembly and tell me how it felt like I was speaking directly to them and it made them resolve to be better. There were so many testimonies. It was a lot more rewarding and a lot more fulfilling for me than any other thing could have been. Towards the end of the session, I organised a programme for the girls. It was like a conference and I had one of my friends come speak to them about different things including dealing with the opposite sex, their relationship with God and invited them to Jesus. It was really beautiful and interesting.

I wish though that I had done more by being actively involved in one of their fellowships and not just my speaking engagements. But I believe that even with the little I did seeds were sown in their lives. I would like to imagine that just as others had impacted different phases of my life and I never forgot them (like some of my secondary school teachers), I am hopeful that some of the girls will have those stories too. I hope they remember some of the conversations I had with them as seeds sown and as turning points in their lives. I also remember that to encourage them every term I would give gifts to the best students. Overall, it was just such a beautiful year.

I look back at the year and I am grateful for that period - for the fun I had in camp, for the many friendships I made and even for the difficult periods after that that made me question everything. Most of all I am grateful for realignment: being able to get back on track and knowing that my career would survive one year of teaching and that it wouldn't define me or be the end of me. Most importantly, I am grateful for the chance to interact with young people daily and help them make godly decisions in their lives. That for me was the highlight of my service year and I am thankful to you for this opportunity to share this.

I do hope that as more people "obey the clarion call" as it is said in the NYSC anthem, that they see beyond themselves and their ambitions and look for a cause higher than themselves. That they connect and are purposeful and intentional about how they live in that particular year. I do hope they make the most of their service year.

Dami has very kindly shared a link to an article on her blog which has six tips to help young corps members make the most of their service year. You can read it here and do tell her and us what you think of it!

Dami Busari is a Teen Mentor & Author, MediaPreneur and Worship Minister. She is passionate about mentoring teenagers, especially teenage girls and this gave rise to Pearl Initiative, a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization. Damilola is wife to an awesome husband and mum to two lovely boys. Find out more at

Catch up with Dami and all she's up to on Instagram @damibusari

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