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LKC 15: Redefining purpose - Dami Busari's NYSC experience (Part 2)

Today, we're posting the continuation of Dami's incredible NYSC experience!

Catch up on the first part here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to Dami!)

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Dami's NYSC experience (Part 2)

I got to camp and thanks to my broadcast experience, I joined the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) and it was fuuuuun! Thanks to OBS, I didn't do much of the parades and all the other activities that other corps members had to do. We would resume at OBS in the morning then go for Skills Acquisition & Entreprenuership Department (SAED) lectures; which was the place to sleep (God forgive me!). There were very few lectures I actually enjoyed. The skill I chose was soap-making and perfume-making but I eventually didn't do anything with it! Although, I thought at that point that I was going to start my own perfume line, which was why I chose that skill to learn, but I never did anything with it in the end.

I was a bit active in my platoon doing the extracurricular activities we had, apart from the march past, so I signed up for a number of things. I got to represent my platoon at the inter-platoon debate which, to the glory of God, I won and it shot me into the limelight in camp. I became the girl everybody wanted to see and know. While we were still in camp, I got to co-host all the festivities and pageants including Miss NYSC. So I was the "star girl" on Camp, the girl in OBS, the girl that speaks, the girl that's friendly. Camp was a vibe. Oh my goodness, Camp was so much fun! I loved and I lived life on Camp. I co-hosted every major event in Camp and so I was actually sad that that 3-week journey came to an end. It was beautiful and I had made friends.

We had heard gist that once you're in OBS, there's already a list and you get to choose where you want to serve and all of that. So, the OBS coordinator had come to ask us where we wanted to serve and I had chosen a major media house in Benin. Like I said earlier, I had already done my research and only picked States with good media houses that I thought I could continue my career in. So the shocker of a lifetime came for me when I received my deployment letter at the end of the 3-week peri