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What do you mean 'Lazy Korfa'?!

It is hard to keep up with all the slangs that the soldiers use.

When Corpers start acting tired or we do not do the drills correctly,

the soldiers call us ‘Otondo’ Corpers.

I think it is another name for dummies or something.

And the songs they make us sing when jogging are so funny!

One of the songs we sing goes: Comot for road O Comot for road Lazy corper comot for road Well, being in the North, what we heard the soldiers (some of them at least) sing was 'Lazy KORFA‛. Initially, we all used to sing ‛Lazy Corper,‛ but not for long. Now, mimicking the soldiers, everyone sings 'Lazy Korfa.‛

It’s hilarious!

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