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The Nigeria we pledged to serve

Last century

It was the best of times

It was the worst of times

Thrust out of the cocoon of home

Into growing up

Sidestepping religious uprisings and

Embracing friendships across the Wazobia

We had left WAI, SAP and Mirror in the sun was our favourite Sunday night delight

It was the Nigeria I knew

It is the Nigeria we think of in our dreams

The Nigeria we pledged to serve

To be faithful loyal and honest

To an entity that has not been faithful loyal and honest to it's own

So help us God

© Ola Awonubi Ola Awonubi did her NYSC in in the city of Zaria in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria which inspired this piece that beautifully captures some of what NYSC stands for.

Ola is an award-winning Author, Blogger and Creative. Ola's awards include the Best Author CA Awards in 2019. She has had over 15 short stories published in various literary magazines, journals and on blogs such as Afreada, Brittle Paper, and She also speaks at writing events. She has authored several books including Love’s Persuasion, I love You Unconditionally, Naija Love Stories, The Keresimesi Wish and her most recent release is titled Lovers, Leavers and Keepers.

Find out more about Ola on her website and keep up to date by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

Want to know more about NYSC? Get your copy of Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa' here.

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