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"The calm to my tornado": Osa and Charles' Story

I first 'met' Osa through the very lively Nigerian "Bookstagram" community on Instagram. When she commented on a Lazy Korfa review post about 6 weeks ago saying she met her husband at camp, I was really interested in their story. It was the first I had heard of people meeting at camp and actually going on to get married!

I slid into her DM because my curiousity knows no bounds. Hahaha! I asked if she would kindly share her story with the Lazy Korfa Community because surely I wasn't the only one who would be interested! Also, if you have read Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa' you'll know one of the hot topics was "camp love" and I was intrigued to hear about theirs!

And of course, we had to find out if they got that cash gift we hear about - apparently people who meet and marry as a result of NYSC get a cash gift from the NYSC Directorate - Osa and Charles didn't get any money O! We asked. Ha!

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So here it is Osa and Charles' beautiful love story - NYSC love O!

Osa and Charles' Story

My name is Osariemen Uwaila Obodoeke and I am married to Charles Okechukwu Obodoeke. We have been together for 12 years and on November 3rd 2020, we would be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. We have a precarious five year old son named Kamsiyochukwu.

Charles and I met in November of 2008, during the Batch C NYSC camp, in Umudi Nkwerre, Imo state. (NYSC's yearly intakes are in batches).