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Seize the day!

A few weeks ago, a very dear aburo was listening to a book podcast and she then tweeted the podcaster to say she should check out my book because, as it was, the episode she was listening to was actually reviewing another book which was about NYSC and how to make the most of the service year.

I am not on Twitter as much as I am on Instagram so I actually didn't see the exchange for a couple of days. When I finally went on Twitter and saw the mention, I Immediately jumped on it and told the podcaster where she could find out more about my book and that I also happened to have a few review copies available and offered her a copy if she was interested. To cut a short story even shorter, she had a look round the website and was interested in the book so I got a copy across to her which she read in a matter of hours and was delighted to feature Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa' on her very next episode - which she did! And it was such a fun feature and I especially enjoyed the comparisons she made between what she had read in my book and how camp was for her over a decade later - from the things that hadn't changed much right through to the slight differences since my time at camp. It is well worth a listen!

I wanted to share this with you because a few things stood out to me just thinking about the chain of events that led to the book being featured on a book podcast. Here goes:

  1. There's something pretty magical about people having your back. I may have come across Tosin's podcast eventually but one of the reasons why it happened how it did and when it did was simply because there was someone who had my back - someone who was thinking of me. Pure magic.

  2. I jumped on it and offered to send the book to her and followed through with the offer as soon as she expressed interest. I seized the moment (albeit 2 days later! Haha!) - Carpe Diem as they say in Latin - Seize the Day!

  3. Things don't always have to be difficult or long-winded. Getting the book on a podcast was one of the things I thought I would want to do - eventually, at some point. But I had thought I would have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get on a book podcast. Far from it, this was pretty straight forward. Is Tosin's book podcast the top ranking book podcast in the world? Nope. Does that matter to me? Nope - I love the end result - 11 minutes and 49 seconds of pure hilarity. An honesty and a genuineness that money can't buy. Now, that matters to me. The other stuff can come later.....

It's amazing how everything just fell into place with very little hassle involved. However, I had to seize the day! Reminds me of the quote from St. Augustine “God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails…”. God always has a part to play - but so do we.

And here's a link to Tosin's podcast featuring Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa', do give it a listen - it's short and sweet! And there's a little bit of a treat in the podcast as she actually sings the NYSC song that "Lazy Korfa" comes from!! She also has some other great book reviews on her website as well. So definitely check them out!

Here's a teaser for you!

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