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LKC O4: "Camp Wife"

After reading Lazy Korfa's memoirs, Dr Femi Aderiye put 'pen to paper' to share his NYSC memories with us. In his first post, he shared how he found out he had been posted to Kogi state, his journey to camp (Up, National!) and what that first day of camp was like. That first day of camp appears to have been seared in so many of our memories from the sounds of it. In this second post for our Lazy Korfa Community (LKC), Femi continues by sharing a bit more of that juicy camp gossip! Enjoy, leave us a comment, like and definitely share with others too!

I went jogging everyday and kept the fact I was a medic hidden. It eventually came out when I had to go out of camp to collect some documents I needed. My platoon instructor was sooooo proud he had a doctor in his platoon. Telling him not to out me was an exercise in futility. He promptly sought me out the next morning by shouting "Is doctor back?". I didn't answer so he came searching for me and that's how my platoon found out I was a doctor. Needless to say I became even more popular cos I was one of the very few University of Lagos (UNILAG) graduates there. One girl actually came up to me saying "So you wanted to hide the fact you are a doctor, abi? Well now we know" I just smiled and wondered how I was going to go through the coming weeks.

It was kinda fun dodging and evading different girls. Eventually I had to get a camp "wife". She was a doctor as well. Finished from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) and she was a looker too. Beautiful like those Shua Arabs just from Delta State. She had grown up in the North and as such could speak Hausa fluently. She also spoke English like the very well educated Northerners do....that cultured somewhat lilting accent. Anyway, we both decided on a friendship of convenience as we both were in serious relationships at the time (more on this later). We were inseparable, even though we were in separate platoons somehow we always managed to be around each other......I should have been more wary of this cos.......later!!

© Dr. Femi Aderiye. April 2020.

Oi, come and finish the story O, Femi!!

Why don't you share your own memories with us HERE and we'll post our favourites to the blog which you can read here on the Lazy Korfa Community (LKC) posts page right here on our blog. Stick around for some behind the book musings as well as book excerpts.

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