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LKC 07: "Nostalgia" : a poem

The call.

The trip.


Swearing in.

Waking up. Sleeping during meditation.

Dodging parade drills.

Hanging out at mammy market. Hanging from the upper bunk.

Torn boots. Dirty tennis shoes.

Brown shirt necklines. Funny shorts. Runny stockings.

Attention! Ajuwaya!!

Undersized head-dresses.

Oversized khakis.

White, white, white-everywhere!

Camera flashes, Teeth flashes.

Under the sun or in the rain.

Making up. Breaking up.

Pulling out. Bonding with. The Beagle sings Good morning Nigeria! Good night Nigeria! The trek. The campfire. Victory. Defeat. Making choices by: losing yourself, then finding yourself.

NYSC.... Nostalgia.

Written in Camp Ede,

Osun, Nigeria.

23.03.11. 2220 hours.

© Nuala Jibrin

Noolz_ on Instagram

Such beautiful writing that captures it all.
Thank you for sharing your poem and pictures with us, Noolz!

Why don't you share NYSC memories with us and we'll post our favourites to the blog! Read the Lazy Korfa Community (LKC) posts on our blog then stick around for some behind the book musings as well as book excerpts.

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Sep 04, 2021

Loveely blog you have here

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