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LKC 05: Not a Lazy Korfa

My friend, Tosin Olukuade, author of the Son series of books ('Son of my Father', 'Son of my Mother' and 'Son of my Parents') and Creative Director at FC Accessories did two posts on Instagram after reading Memoirs of a Lazy Korfa. Loved them both as he not only shared the posts but also shared some pictures of his NYSC days too and I wanted to share it with you all! I love that Lazy Korfa evokes such memories of NYSC but I also realise that it's not really about NYSC in and of itself, but it's about all that the moment in time represents for us and the nostalgia that goes with it. Enjoy Tosin's first post below.Hi second post is here.

THURSDAY, JUNE 11th 2020



N O T. A L A Z Y. K O R F A


Reading through @tunmise_u ’s new novel @lazykorfa two days ago, took me down memory lane to my service year 2002/03, back in Benue state.


I remember vividly the trip to the camp from the Iddo park where I took the night bus to leave for camp. I was filled with all sorts of emotion: fear, anxiety, unsure of so many things. Especially the fact I was travelling alone for the first time away from home.


Of course, got to my destination in peace and the 3weeks went, not just like that. Perhaps was the longest 3weeks of my life.


@lazykorfa helped to reenact those moments; both the pleasant and not so pleasant ones. It was an experience of a life time.