LKC 03: The End

In the third of our Lazy Korfa Community (LKC) Posts, David takes us along on a whistle stop tour of his strongest memories of NYSC camp. Enjoy!

Oh my... the crazy memories I have of my orientation camp in Rivers State *shudder*

I remember leaving home with my Dad very early in the morning and heading for the agreed meet up point for corpers posted to Rivers state. I remember sitting with my Dad in the car in the dark (it was about 4am) around the Yaba area.

I had a weird sickening feeling in my gut...

Anyways, cut to once I arrived at camp as I can't remember much of the journey - it was quite long and boring. I got to camp and started the usual queuing to get registered. By the end of Day 1, I didn't get to sleep on a bunk bed as most had been taken by people that arrived earlier than I did. I slept on some random mattress in a hall.

Man... I remember the heat, the sound of the bugle early in the mornings, people 'shunting' lines and the horrible food. I also remember the near death diarrhoea experience I had.... I thought I was going to die ooooo!

I was so happy to get out of there by the end of the 3 weeks!

But I do remember the lifelong friendships that emerged out of my stay in Rivers state.

© David Anthony. May 2020.

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