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Lazy Korfa's Brief Guide to NYSC speak

I included a glossary in the book which sets out the meanings of some of the words and phrases commonly used by corp members. Below are a few of them.

You're welcome. Ha!

7/7 Kit: Refers to the 7 pieces in the complete NYSC kit including face cap, crested vest, khaki shirt, khaki trousers, belt, socks and boots.

Agbada and Shokoto: Traditional Nigerian outfit for men consisting of a long flowing top and trousers.

Al majiris: Usually refers to children being taught by an Islamic scholar in Northern Nigeria. They often beg for food, money and general sustenance. There were a lot of them hanging around Camp and for a small fee they often helped around with chores, like fetching water.

Aluta: Refers to ‘the struggle’; usually when Corpers stand up for what they believe is their right. Sometimes involves a full on riot.