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Lazy Korfa's Brief Guide to NYSC speak

I included a glossary in the book which sets out the meanings of some of the words and phrases commonly used by corp members. Below are a few of them.

You're welcome. Ha!

7/7 Kit: Refers to the 7 pieces in the complete NYSC kit including face cap, crested vest, khaki shirt, khaki trousers, belt, socks and boots.

Agbada and Shokoto: Traditional Nigerian outfit for men consisting of a long flowing top and trousers.

Al majiris: Usually refers to children being taught by an Islamic scholar in Northern Nigeria. They often beg for food, money and general sustenance. There were a lot of them hanging around Camp and for a small fee they often helped around with chores, like fetching water.

Aluta: Refers to ‘the struggle’; usually when Corpers stand up for what they believe is their right. Sometimes involves a full on riot.

Call Up Letter: A document that shows you have been posted to a particular state for national youth service. ‘Call Up Letter’ because it serves as proof that you have been ‘called up’ to serve. Usually picked up at your University just before camp is to begin. It’s like a golden ticket.

There's more in the book's glossary section!

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