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LKC 11: Kinship

I don't think I can ever get over the camaraderie that one can build during the NYSC year. It's one of the most beautiful things about the NYSC experience and we love that Sybil has chosen to give us a tiny little glimpse of that in the last of our PAGE Bookstore contest entries.

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In the one year of service, camp was the most interesting. I camped in Yikpata, Kwara State with other "white fowls".

Imagine a journey you were told would take a maximum of forty five minutes turning into a two-hour journey! The driver kept saying, "E remain small, e remain small, when we corner here."

I asked questions about camp that helped me save on costs and have fun. Fun for me meant participating in activities (I liked) - volleyball, Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS), march past, and photography (SAED). I also got super tanned from Yikpata's sun.

I met people that I never knew before who were from my alma mater, and also a kinsman. We disrupted devotion that morning as we were having a conversation and discovered we were from the same school, state and hometown. We were so excited that we didn't know our voices had become louder - the way everyone in our platoon turned back to look at us! Hahaha!

© Sybil Mbadiwe August 2020

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