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LKC 09: Just one bright idea!

We were excited to read about Royhanoh's experience of camp and particularly impressed by the fact that what started out as her attending a SAED lecture in camp has turned into a business! How amazing is that? The fact that people can gain so much and others gain so little from the same experience is fascinating! Thank you for sharing your story with us and good luck with the business!

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I was posted to Borno state but due to insecurity, we were to observe our compulsory 3 weeks camp in Katsina. On the day I was scheduled to travel, I packed my luggage & off I went to Iddo to board a bus going to Kaduna since there was no direct buses to Katsina.

Upon entering the camp, my luggage was checked . It was so heavy but luckily for me, a man assisted me in carrying it.

Camp was fun as I met people from other tribes. There was also the constant whistle by the soldiers when it was time for our food as well as the night in mammy market which was always lively. I had joined the kitchen team & our platoon was skilled in cooking.

The morning drills and exercises boosted my morale. The lecture given by the Skills Acquisition & Entreprenuership Department (SAED) of NYSC was helpful as I was able to turn the ideas I had into a business from what I learnt.

I was sad to leave camp as I had bonded with lots of new friends.

© Royhanoh Morenike Abdul-hakeem July 2020

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