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Book Excerpt: Day One (Pt. 2)

DAY ONE Tuesday 070904 2:30pm Just arrived at camp. It is really hot out here in Kano. I can only imagine what my complexion is going to look like at the end of three whole weeks!

On arrival at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, I met three other girls going my way. Every other person, it seemed, was going to other states like Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe. Suddenly, I was at least grateful for not having to sit through another long journey in a car to get to camp – it took us about fifteen minutes and N400 each.

The four of us were checked at the gate and given some temporary identity cards. Although this is only the first day of camp, as at 2:30pm or thereabouts, I am already number One Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Six! As if that is not bad enough, we get marched over to the registration hall to get registered and wait for it they are registering Corper number TWO HUNDRED AND SOMETHING! (I did not care to know what the ‘something’ was. It was not important).

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