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Book Excerpt: Day One (Pt.1)

DAY ONE Tuesday 070904 11:00 am Domestic Airport, Lagos I really should have started writing this last night but I was quite tired. I certainly feel a little more relaxed about the idea of going to Kano today than I have felt in the last few days.

It is 11:00am now, and I am still in the departure hall of the Murtala Muhammed domestic airport, waiting for the boarding call of an 11:15am flight.

It does not even look as if they will be ready for us in another half hour as all other flights are also running late.

All hail Nigeria!

I am not sure what to think or how I feel right now. I am trying hard to keep an open mind, but that is proving a bit difficult with all the horror stories I heard about the hard knock life of Camp. Anyway, I WILL SURVIVE! I do not have much of a choice, do I?

So funny how all the encouragement you give others—Trust in God, Hope for the best— flies out of the window when you need it. At the moment, I would rather not hear all the 'God works in mysterious ways‛ gist that I so readily tell others!

Well, I hope it is not half as bad as I think, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed or holding my breath – better not to expect too much now!

Can all passengers for flight K223 flying to Kano, please proceed to the boarding gate… Thank goodness!

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