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Book Excerpt: Day Fifteen


Tuesday 210904

Feeling like a serious corper again today, so I got up really early and got ready for the drills. The soldiers seem to be getting tired. They did not even come back this morning apart from the little noise they made initially. My room was still full at about 5:30am when I left for the parade ground. Of course, I was mega late and so was half of my platoon. It’s almost like they hand-picked all the lazy people in this batch to make up my platoon!

The Camp commandant picked on my platoon this morning. He separated those who had the proper sportswear on (white T-shirt over white shorts) from those who did not. Some of us came in jeans (I am not planning to die from the cold over the N7,500 I’m being paid by NYSC!).

The people in the correct sportswear did the marching this morning, and the rest of us just laid about a bit, after which we were allowed to sneak away for our dance rehearsals.

Indeed, soja don tire!

[...] I took some pictures in Hausa and Edo traditional costumes that did not turn out well, so I went to take another set. Akan “caught” me there and I had to take a picture with him as well (I may have promised to take a picture with him, I think).

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