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Memoirs of a Lazy Korfa Book Front Cover

“On arrival at the Airport, I met three other girls going my way. Every other person, it seemed, was going to other states like Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe.


Suddenly, I was at least grateful for not having to sit through another long journey in a car to get to camp...”

Even if you do not have a clue about about National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), you will discover in this entirely relatable story about what can happen when one person ventures into the amazing, challenging unknown - and the strange adventure that unfolds...


​​Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa' is loosely based on the journal Tunmise kept during her three weeks in a Nigerian National Youth Service (NYSC) orientation camp.


It gives an honest and eye-opening account of camp life.


In sharing her experience, Tunmise hopes that those who have never been to NYSC camp would have an idea what it is like and possibly even think they missed out on some good fun!


For those who have been to camp, no matter how long ago, you can recall with some nostalgia the adventure and to those who still have camp ahead of you know what it is you can either look forward to or dread!


For everyone, it is Tunmise's sincere hope that as you read through to the end, you would have gained something insightful no matter how small - a word, a phrase, a joke, a lesson - just as she did.

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I haven't yet seen anyone document this literally-once-in-a-lifetime experience with humour, wit and simplicity as perfectly as she has done.


In keeping a journal at the time and not waiting till she left Camp to pen down the sum total of happenings during her stay, she has done a generation's narrative an important favour.

Her story is a refreshing one and will appeal to any new Corper about to enter into Camp as well as rake up nostalgic feelings for those who are done with it.


This generation doesn't document enough of its stories. For doing so, and doing it so well,

I say thank you, Tunmise.

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Chude Jideonwo,

Chief Executive Officer at Joy, Inc., Host at #WithChude

and Author of Are We The Turning Point Generation? and The Daily Vulnerable

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